About Us

At GetMyDecals.com we use top of the line equipment and the highest quality vinyl to produce the best product for our customers. Our High Quality vinyl Decals are not like standard stickers as they have a longer lifespan and durability than your everyday sticker, That is the reason we call them decals and not stickers.

Don’t let the fact that these are professional grade high quality vinyl decals scare you away from ordering them. They are easy to apply and they all come with easy instructions on how to apply the decal. It is a real easy process which starts with locating the area you wish to apply the decal, Cleaning the area, Peeling the decal backing at the top and applying the decal to the surface. After the decal is applied you remove the transfer tape and you are done. The Decal will last about 10 years in the elements and an indefinite amount inside.

The Adhesive on our Decals is listed as permanent adhesive but that does not mean that they are not removable. The permanent designation just means that it is meant to withstand more abuse, whether it be as a decal on the window or body of your vehicle, Window or wall of your business, Your Mailbox, Your Laptop, your Cellphone or any other place you want to display what you are into, support or any other reason you want to express yourself

If you do not see what you want, Would like something a little different such as different wording, a size not list or a color not seen as an option. Let us know as we can usually accommodate your request. We can also custom make what you want or need just get in touch with us and we will do what we can to create your vision with you.